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New Study: Telerehab Helps Injured Workers Return to Work 10 Weeks Sooner

Walnut Creek, Calif., January 23, 2019 — When used alongside clinic-based physical therapy (PT), telerehab can accelerate workers’ return to work for modified duty by as much as10 weeks, according to a study presented at the American Physical Therapy Association/ Combined Sections Meeting (APTA/CSM) conference. The conference, which is being held in Washington D.C., attracts the largest gathering of physical therapists (PTs) nationwide, attracting more than 17,000 attendees annually.

The study tracked workers recovering from rotator cuff repairs and compared the outcomes of those who were prescribed traditional PT with those who combined PT with telerehab (PT sessions delivered via a mobile device). All participants were being treated under a workers’ compensation program.

“In general, patients covered under workers’ comp typically have poorer outcomes than those covered by private insurers,” said Sean Kinsman, DPT, head of clinical services at Trainer Rx, one of the fastest growing telerehab platforms in the U.S. “The most common cause of delays are medical authorization approvals. When treatment is delayed—especially after a surgical repair—patients often experience a permanent reductionin their physical ability with greater stiffness and pain, increasing their risk for re-operations.”

According to Dr. Kinsman, the study presented at the APTA/CSM poster session was designed to determine whether including telerehab into the program could improve patient outcomes. Lesley Anders

on, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in San Francisco, Calif., ran the study and was supported with a grant from Trainer Rx.

What surprised Dr. Anderson and her team was the accelerated return to work.

  • Patients who included telerehab into their program returned to modified duty
    10 weeks earlier
    than their counterparts
  • Patients ready for full duty returned to work seven weeks sooner

The results for both are statistically significant. Those who included telerehab in their sessions regained their range of motion and strength faster. When it came to pain relief, patients who accessed their customized PT sessions online experienced a 46% decrease in pain.

Another surprising result from the study according to Kinsman, was the high degree of patient engagement.

“Despite delays in medical authorization, these patients continued to access their telerehab platform independently,” he said. “They appear more motivated to improve their personal health outcomes when given the autonomy of an online program.”

“Identifying non-medication options is key to decreasing costs for companies offering workers comp programs,” noted Mike Oberlander, MD, founder and medical director for Trainer Rx. “The cost of standard PT sessions often rises to as much as $4,000 per employee, while telerehab platforms such as Trainer Rx, can cost less than $150 for the full episode of care. As companies look for new avenues to help injured employees return to work sooner, more will include digital health tools into workers comp programs,” he said.

The APTA/CSM conference will run January 23-26.

Trainer Rx Selects Healthcare Veteran Mark Olson as its CEO

Thirty-year healthcare veteran Mark Luck Olson has recently joined Trainer Rx as its new CEO and will drive the company’s accelerated growth into new markets.

“Mark Olson has an impressive track record of growing companies from the ground up,” said Michael Oberlander, MD, the company’s founder and chief medical officer. “His expertise in the health services market, particularly in the health plans and delivery systems, will serve the company well as we look to expand our service offerings. We’re truly fortunate to have him on our team.”

Trainer Rx is one of the fastest growing telerehab platforms in the market and is now
poised to expand its footprint globally. Trainer Rx found Olson through its investment partner
7wire Ventures.

“7wire Ventures believes in the philosophy that value comes from connecting ideas and talent with the right company,” noted Robert Garber, partner at 7wire Ventures. “Mark Olson has built a reputation as a health tech strategist who can unleash an organization’s potential. We believe he will amplify the growth Trainer Rx is already experiencing.”

“Musculoskeletal conditions afflict one in three adults each year and cost nearly $1 billion dollars in the U.S. alone,” said Olson. “Trainer Rx delivers the health value trifecta: better and faster recovery from orthopedic injuries, lower medical costs and a vastly superior consumer experience. Along the way, Trainer Rx targets the fundamental drivers of pain, reducing unwarranted use of opioids. I believe Trainer Rx can play a meaningful role in fighting the crisis of opiate addiction. I’m excited to be a part of this group.”

Olson previously lead Global Services for Decision Resources Group as its president, organically growing the custom services business by 69 percent in four years. He also served as a managing partner of ChapterHouse, LLC, a strategic consultancy serving payers and providers prior to its acquisition by Oliver Wyman, a subsidiary of the Marsh & McLennan Companies. After the acquisition, Olson served as managing partner in Oliver Wyman’s Health and Life Sciences practice.

Olson also spent nearly a decade at Baxter Healthcare, a leading global medical device and tech company. There, he drove and executed the strategic growth plans for Baxter in Europe and the Far East, eventually becoming chief information officer for Baxter’s $2 billion global biotech business. Olson received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in business from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge.

Telerehab Platform Trainer Rx Announces API Tool Kit and Conformance with FHIR, Supporting Optimization of Workflow and Clinical Data

Trainer Rx, one of the fastest growing telerehabilitation platforms on the market, has announced new product advancements: an application programming interface(API) tool kit and conformance to the Fast Health Interoperability Resource (FHIR) framework. Conformance to FHIR (pronounced “fire”) means providers and enterprise health systems can easily access Trainer Rx’s patientoutcome data and integrate them into electronic health records (EHR), enhancing the clinical value of the data.

With the Trainer Rx API toolkit, customers can leverage the company’s telerehab solution with their existing technology stack, optimizing workflows for providers. The API offering includes support for single sign-on, shared application contexts for patients and providers and data management capabilities for integrated systems and platforms.

“We’re excited to improve upon our interoperability with health systems in order to support customers and the healthcare community at large,” said Chris Hughes, chief technology officer of Trainer Rx. “Offering an API toolkit and conforming to FHIR are important to our focus of optimizing care for the patient and providing greater insights for the clinician.”

FHIR is widely used in health IT organizations because it addresses the HL7 standard. HL7 was established by an international regulatory body to encourage data sharing in a consistent manner. Interoperability and compliance with data sharing standards is very important to hospitals, healthcare entities and providers as multiple computer systems are used to track patient information, billing and other forms of data. FHIR leverages web technology to access and exchange data across electronic systems.

According to Hughes, many of the industry’s EHR vendors such as Epic, Cerner and AthenaHealth have adopted FHIR. Now that Trainer Rx conforms with FHIR, enterprise healthcare entities can more easily access the platform’s secure patient data. The ability to collect and integrate data to gain insight into a patient’s recovery, progress and engagement is critical to organizations striving to become “smart” health systems.

“Trainer Rx’s ability to offer developers API tools and conform with FHIR brings value to enterprise customers,” noted Hughes. “An open and interoperable IT infrastructure can stimulate innovation while creating greater IT efficiency, stability, scalability and security. Our goal is to give each patient and customer a personalized recovery journey that saves time and money while improving outcomes. For patients, that means providing them with a clear and customized path to recovery from injury or surgery. For providers and enterprise health systems, easy access to actionable data on population health enhances their ability to risk manage patients and share patient-outcome information across systems.”

Cutting Edge Telerehab Platform To Showcase Benefits at HIMSS

Trainer Rx demonstrates how digital therapeutics can improve patient access and compliance to therapy while solving the challenges surrounding data transparency.

March 5, 2018 — Trainer Rx, a leading mhealth innovator, will showcase its telerehabilitation (telerehab) platform at the Intelligent Hospital™ Pavilion (IHP) during the HIMSS 2018 Conference & Exhibition at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV. HIMSS, which stands for Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, runs from March 5 – 8.

The IHP is the destination for live demonstrations of the latest technologies in the healthcare ecosystem. HIMSS attendees will experience the Trainer Rx platform (booth #11657-11), which is designed to help patients recover from orthopedic injuries through pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation at home. Trainer Rx, along with Phillips, Bodimetrics, and other innovative digital health companies, will be showcasing their transformative technologies as part of IHP.

“By showcasing Trainer Rx at HIMSS, we demonstrate the platform’s ability to disrupt the healthcare rehabilitation ecosystem,” said Michael Oberlander, MD, president and chief medical officer of Trainer Rx. “The platform utilizes proven evidence-based protocols and can be integrated into the patient journey seamlessly, reducing costs for providers and patients.”

Trainer Rx uses an intelligent design, cloud technology that patients can access anytime, anywhere, and in any device. Like most physical therapies, the platform is first prescribed by providers but then can be utilized by patients for up to a year for one low fee. Providers can view patient adherence and outcomes data in real time, and the platform integrates with EHR systems, including Athena Health.

Patients who utilize Trainer Rx for recovery after injury have reported statistically significant pain reduction. For example, those who received hip arthroplasty and used the Trainer Rx platform for rehabilitation reported a 45.9% reduction in pain score using the visual analog scale (VAS Pain).

The Trainer Rx platform (booth 11657-11) will be featured in six scenarios at IHP where attendees will learn how the telerehab platform is applied, starting at Prehab, Post-Operative Recovery, and then moving to the iHome Suite Living Room (remote care devices and “smart” home technologies). The scenario demonstration ends at the Doctor’s Office for follow-up care.

The company also will participate in two panel presentations:

  • Knowledge Theater: Dr. Mike Oberlander, Orthopedic Surgeon, founder and president of Trainer Rx will present on the topic, “Beyond Paper: Evidence-Based Telerehab” on Wednesday, March 7 from 11:30-11:50 a.m. PT.
  • Innovation Theater: Ed Brown, founder and CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, will moderate a panel discussion called “Designing for the Patient: Tips, Experiences in Digital Health.” Panel presenters include Trainer Rx, Cirrus MD, Masimo and iRXReminder on Wednesday, March 7 from 5 to 6 p.m. PT.

“Hospitals are making extraordinary efforts to improve outcomes and patient engagement, while reducing costs,” said Harry Pappas, founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association, (IHA). “It’s exciting to have Trainer Rx at IHP because it uniquely showcases how to solve today’s rehabilitation challenges by providing a one-stop shop for patients to recover at home.”

The IHA is a global, technology-based and technology-focused nonprofit organization comprising communities all operating under one infrastructure with a common goal—accelerate the “Evolution to the Health Revolution™.”

HIMSS 2018 Conference & Exhibition brings together more than 45,000 professionals globally to help uncover the promise of health information and technology.

Visit us at Booth #11657 @ihassociation during #HIMSS2018. Follow @TrainerRx and #TrainerRxTelerehab at #HIMSS2018. For more information, visit or call: 1-833-LIVE-TRX (833-548-3879).


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